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ASAS owns a specialized division for the preparation works, a highly qualified and specialized cadres ranging from the arrangement of display yards, furnishing same with most up to date engineering designs and constructing display pads in highest lighting, audio and video systems, to storing warehouses for exhibitions to plates and sign boards and the procedures for securing the locations of exhibitions and conferences.
The Preparations Division provides a package of services concerned with introducing new products and managing media centers and supply the entire needs such as signboards (banners, stands, panels of platforms, gifts, trophies and printed materials).

As we care for guaranteeing the highest standards of organization and work flow in the conferences and exhibitions arranged by ASAS, a department is found to deal with any emergency or sudden requirements whether for the sponsoring or participating bodies or visitors of the exhibitions or guests of conferences. Also, provides adequate solutions as soon as possible. The field management has full control over entire arrangement stages with contingency for results and difficulties and how to deal with them.

ASAS Company is proud of possessing a broad data base covering all business sectors inside the  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad enabling the company to provide a distinguished merchandizing services for all its clients,  including direct sales promotion, merchandize via phone and internet and launching merchandizing campaigns.
The company is unique for its independent management for the arrangement of exhibitions and conferences that belong to government sector and large companies targeting a summation of supreme and integrated services including the following:

Specifying the locations for organizing exhibitions and conferences
Travel and residential services for delegations and participating bodies
Attendance registration
Advertisement and merchandizing services
Fetching and developing the mechanism of sponsoring
Merchandizing exhibitions’ yards
Supply of technical support, audio and visual equipment
Development of the programs of exhibitions and events
Making electronic sites and electronic scheduling
Documenting conferences in media
Field Management
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